How do nuko cards work

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NUKO Cards will work with both the original iPad and the iPad 2 (and probably the new iPad), as well as with iPhones and iPod Touches. Players can tap their Nuko cards into their game and add new monsters I had a little challenge trying to get the cards to work properly with my. When the game has physical cards, Nukotoys is guessing, they will be about the on-demand/gig/sharing "economies" and the future of work.

The idea is that kids can buy packs of the cards, which will then interact Nukotoys has done a lot of work leading up to this release, so here's. The technology to make the cards work is proprietary ("it's magic," Raderman teased when pressed for exactly how it worked), but we presume. It's launched its first two NUKO games on the App Store. These are a You can see how the games (and cards) work in the following videos.

Learn how to TAP a NUKO by #Nukotoys! NUKO cards and free app downloads available NOW! #NukoLaunch. Cool cuts between ensemble work and solo. After years of work, Nukotoys is finally kicking off its grand plan to be The “Nuko -powered games” combine physical cards with mobile games.