How nutrition affects learning

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Several studies show that nutritional status can directly affect mental capacity among school-aged children. For example, iron deficiency, even. One recent study shows that food security – having reliable access to a sufficient amount of food – could affect learning as early as kindergarten. Unfortunately, this is a reality for many school-aged children, and the effects of poor nutrition on learning are a widespread problem.

The Impact of Nutrition on Learning and Behavior: A No Brainer focusing on particular low-nutrient foods that negatively affect learning. Not only are unhealthy foods proven to impact academia, but research also proves that a poor diet also impacts a child's attitude and behavior. An increasing body of research is showing how nutrition affects children's learning. This article takes a look at what nutrients our kids need in.

A mountain of research suggests that healthy nutrition radically improves foods play a critical role in brain growth, development and learning. Here we will look at the short-term effects of what children eat then at the The starkest effects of diet on learning are of course seen in those suffering from.