How to refill a pen vaporizer

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However, there are many components to vaporizers, which may make your first filling experience confusing. Whether your vaporizer is top-fill or bottom-fill, you'll need to take your vaporizer apart. Put a few drops of . Charge a Vape Pen . Some are refilled using fresh tanks whereas others work by manually refilling the clearomizer with e-liquid. Depending on how often you vape, you may need to. How To Fill a Glass Vape Cartridge. If you're like most of us, you like to use the latest technology to help you puff on best quality oils and juices.

I'm assuming you mean the thc oil with 37% thc usually in a gold colored vape pen? It seems they want you to buy the filled cartridge. Filling and refilling your vaporizer may seem simple, but for beginners With more power to the coil, it'll get hotter and allow the pen to produce. Vape Pen Guide: A Look at Dry Herb, Wax, and Oil Cartridge Vaporizer Pens . I have Sigma EVOD pen and I need a refill. How do I go about.

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