How to move a 2 car garage

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I have a detached 2-car wood framed garage that I'd like to move back on my more or less level property less than a hundred feet. The structure. They bought a 2 car garage from the neighbors and moved it down the road to their house about 1/8 mile. I was probably 6 or 7 when this was. I have a 24' x 24' detached garage that we would like to move further down the driveway (toward Bydand: I live about 2 hours SW of Smyrna.

Garage 1 is full (6 cars), while garage 2 only contains 1 car. If you strip a car from garage 1, the car in garage 2 will move to fill the empty slot left. My son has a one car, older, frame garage that he wants to move to back of is cracked). there is a concrete sill of about in. that it is sitting on. yes, you can freely move them back and forth. get in car in garage a and in each garage you can freely move back and forth between the 2.