What does 3amel eh mean

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It means, How are you Doing my darling.. and/or What are you doing, my darling . 23 abr. You can abbreviate in both cases by taking away "Ante/Anta" and just saying " 3amel/3amela eh". It means the same thing just a bit more casual, but it's not bad . 3amel eh? = what's up? ana online = I'm online 3la fekra = by the way this is arabic language, egyptian dialect! as you noticed, they use some english words in.

Back. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. There aren't any definitions tagged with #3amel eh? yet. Can you add them? Define it! Random Word. © Urban Dictionary ®. It means how are you in the Egyptian franco/Egyptian Arabic language. #3amel eh?#kolo tamam?#eh el Get a Eh el a5bar mug for your guy Abdul. buy the. Egyptian Arabic: enta 7alatelha wala eh إنت حلقتلها واللا إيه. Discussion in The last sentence means "any picture of Andrea will be ok". Sorry.

The broader phenomenon is known as Franco Arab. (th/s) can be used in the place of the Arabic letter (ث) is the most common greeting in Egypt and Muslim world it means peace be upon B: tamam w enta 3amel eh?. wondered mean muta3ajjib more than mustagreb wonderment means 3amel eh ya 7lawa: what are you doing beauty keefak: How are you?. did you please write the meaning word by jtmtaj.tk for general Knowlodgement. . M: TB TEZK 3AMLA EH ASLHA W7SHANY BGD. So, there are obviously many ways of asking "how are you" in 2ezayk 3amel 2eah, This one is totally new to me, I've never heard it before:). × . amla eh ( for female) عامله ايه. 6-eh a7`barak (male) ايه اخبارك. 7- eh a7`barek (female)ايه اخبارك. this is the most common of meaning how are you in arabic.