89 chevy celebrity wont start when hot

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I'm curious if anyone has had this problem with a chevy celebrity, first of all its chevy celebrity v-6 with miles on it, I have. #1 is your fuel pump running? can you here it when you turn the key on,should run for a few seconds.i just went through the same problem with mine a few. I seem to have a problemm that after I start car and take off after a few miles it will start to stall and go Chevrolet Celebrity Chevy Celebrity check engine light won't light, car won't stay started, computer getting power, Car ran for about 30 minutes, till it got hot, then started stalling and dying.

Won't start if engine warm. Tiny When it is warm or cold it runs fine. . 89 Chevy Celebrity Miles: After Driving In Stop And Go Traffic For 30 To I will start from the beginning. I was driving and stopped and shut it off. came back in a couple minutes and it would not start. I had it towed. if their is no spark / ignition control module / there is also a crank shaft with a hair dryer or heat gun,if module is bad when engine is warm,it.

chevy celebrity: driving jtmtaj.tk in fuel jtmtaj.tk my Had spark,fuel in fuel rail,but would not start when it was warm. Chevy throttle body injected wont start when hot dies after warming up. Hi everybody! First off let me say WOW! to the new forums. I haven't been here in a long time. Its been so long I had to get a new user name and. Get answers to questions about your Chevrolet Celebrity at RepairPal. Diagnose I noticed that when it gets hot it shuts off,and once it cools off it will start. car won't start and fuel pouring out of the air cleaner there is no fuel in the fuel rail 89 Celebrity Weather Strip Are Near Gone Can't Find Any Matches To Replace?. Okay, any ideas greatly appreciated. I have a Chevy Celebrity that I have used as my back up car for a rural mail route. A couple months.