How to avoid getting sick in college

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When you're sleeping inches away from a roommate (or two or three), and sharing restrooms, showers, desks and dining space – not to mention the occasional. Dr. Gillespie suggests using a napkin to grab the tongs at your dorm buffet or salad bar to prevent getting sick. "Everyone is touching them, and then touching. When you get to college, it's really common to get sick within the first few weeks. Living in a dorm you're exposed to so many new germs and.

It's easy to get sick in college for several reasons: * So we asked experts to tell us how college students can avoid getting sick and stay. New college students get sick for a host of reasons, but the primary to avoid illness entirely, they can take steps to minimize getting sick so. Avoid getting sick during college by following these tips from eHealth's Student Health Insurance Resource Center.

College life can be stressful on your immune system, but there are ways to keep from getting sick in college. If someone gets sick, the odds of you getting sick too are not in your favor. Thus, here are a few tips to stay healthy, especially with flu season. A lot of students do not know how to protect themselves from the virus so that they get sick. Here are 5 tips how not to catch a cold or flu. This lovely picture was taken by my boy Jack Yu from Being sick in college is one of the most miserable experiences you'll.